Human nutrition

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Islet Cell Signaling

Regulation of α, β and δ-Cells

Human Nutrition






Group leader: ESTHER FUENTES

Obesity and diabetes are diseases with multifactorial nature. However, for both pathologies, inadequate diet and lifestyle are involved in the diseases. Our group is interested in epidemiological studies in children about food preferences and physical activity, because early treatment is crucial to prevent them.

At the same time, we work with other groups of age as young students and older people to obtain dates about their nutritional status, and to develop easy guides for a better health status, in our region.

Food analysis

Turrón is a typical spanish product with guarantee of origin, made in our region in Jijona. In our laboratory, we are trying to incorporate new ingredients to the product matrix, to increase its health properties.

Selected publications:

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  • (2007) Guía de Alimentación de Personas Mayores. Ayuntamiento de Elche, Alicante.